New Developments

First Place
Wayne and Susan

July 2019
We got the first place sculpture award at the nationally ranked Cincinnati Summerfair. And sales were good.

Susan and I stood on the bridge near our booth during our first showing at Columbus Art Fair. It was beautiful and broke our decade old weekend sales record.

We have had to withdraw from next weekend’s Talbot Art show in Indianapolis in order to rebuilt inventory for upcoming Michigan shows. A great problem to have!

Susan will be spending a lot more time not just as our business manager but also in production, show sales assistant, and accounting.

June 2019

We are doing a lot of great shows in beautiful locations this summer. I am determined to bring you concepts in artistic story telling you have never seen before. See the confirmed summer schedule on

Bared Soul Tree Bared Soul Tree

Introducing my new BARED SOUL series. These tree sculptures with the underground roots exposed depict the complete story with the understructure honestly revealing the private underpinnings of the life of the tree character. Examples will be offered at upcoming shows.

Table TreeI am expanding my line of new TABLE TREES available thru my studio directly or through They are fun, fanciful, and functional. Give me a call to talk about them!

February 2018

The Bridge

While hiking above Steamboat Springs with my daughter, Rachael, we were unable to cross a stream until we saw a recumbent tree spanning the gorge.

She said, “It’s like the tree laid its life down for us.” This theme is now available at our spring shows.


Five great shows to start 2018 were all ranked in the top 50 in the nation for 2017!

Feb 17-19 Miami, FL – Coconut Grove Art Festival
Mar 3-4 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Las Olas Boulevard Art Fest
Mar 9-11 Vero Beach, FL – Under the Oaks Art Festival
Mar 16-18 Winter Park, FL – Winter Park Art Festival
Apr 7-8 Woodlands, TX – Woodlands Waterway Art Festival

May 2017

PhotoAwarded Best Booth in Show at Chastain Park Art Festival with 200 nationally juried artists held in Atlanta.

PhotoIntroduced the Study in Struggle Sculpture

April 2017

Chosen for Award of Distinction in Sculpture at the Under the Oaks Art Show in Vero Beach, Florida.

March 2017

You can now get up to date info on newest trees, shows, and great things happening in my tree business on my Facebook page

June 2016
PhotoAt the recent Springfield Old Capital Art Fair, the director was honored with a choice of a piece of art from any of the 160 show artists. Kate Baima chose one of my sculptures.

Heart on Fire depicts unending joy and passion. It fits her well.

2016 Summer Art Schedule

June 3-5 Cincinnati, OH – Summerfair
June 24-26 Quincey , IL – Midsummer Arts Fair
July 1-3 Chicago, IL – Botanic Garden
July 9-10 St Joseph, MI – Krazl Art Fair
July 21-24 Ann Arbor, MI – South University Art Fair
July 30-31 Denver, CO – Cheeseman Park
Aug 5-7 Crested Butte, CO *
Aug 12-14 Park City, UT – Kimbal Art Show
Aug 20-21 Lexington, KY – Woodland Art Fair
Sept 2-4 St Louis, MO – Queeny Park Art Fair
Sept 10 Indianapolis, IN – Penrod Art Fair
Sept 16-18 St Charles, MO – Mosaics Art Festival
Sept 24-25 Peoria, IL – Art Guild Fair

* Wait list

January 2016
Wayne has been chosen to be the Juror for a national art show competition of Noticing Nature, a competition with 278 entrants vying for awards and a month long display at the Foundry in St Peters, Missouri. He will announce the winners at the opening reception on January 29th.

2016 Spring Art Schedule

Feb 13-15 Ft Lauderdale, FL – Artigras Art Festival (Pending)
Feb 20-21 Estero, FL – Coconut Point Art Festival
March 5-6 West Palm Beach, FL – West Palm Beach Fine Art Show
March 18-20 Winter Park, FL – Winter Park Florida Sidewalk Art Festival
April 2-3 Ridgeland, MS – Ridgeland Mississippi Fine Art Festival

2015 Summer & Fall Art Schedule

July 15-18 Ann Arbor, MI – South University Art Fair
July 25-26 Denver, CO – Cheeseman Park Art Fair
July 31-Aug 1 Beaver Creek, CO
Aug 15-16 Lexington, KY – Woodland Fine Art Fair
Sept 4-6 St. Louis, MO – Queeny Park Art Fair
Sept 19-21 St. Charles, MO – Mosaics Art Festival
Sept 26-27 Peoria, IL – Peoria Art Guild – Fine Art Fair
Oct 2-4 Louisville, KY – St. James Court Art Show
Oct 24-26 Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Arts Festival, Piedmont Park
Nov 6-8 Pensacola, FL – Great Gulfcoast Art Festival
Nov 13-15 Maitland, FL – Maitland Rotary Arts Festival

July 2015
GovernorAt a recent Des Moines art show a man appeared in my booth and was studying my Big Hearted Oak. I spoke of its leadership qualities and mentioned that it was on the desk of 4 Governors. “Well, I’m a Governor“, he exclaimed, “Could I buy one”? So multi term Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstedt, became the 5th to own this smiling leader tree. And I felt joy to meet him.

June 2015
Recognition PhotoMargarittaville is a new sculpture commissioned by a guy who loves the feeling of sand, sea, and a hammock be tween a couple palms.

May 2015
I was selected as a spokesperson for the upcoming Belleville Art on the Square( #2 ranked show in the nation). An insightful video was made of me and my work. In 6 minutes it tells the story of my work. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

Recognition PhotoMy Second Chance sculpture was selected as a major purchase award and donated to the new Lindenwood University. It is a story of new beginnings.

2015 Summer Art Schedule

May 2-3 Kansas City, MO – Brookside Art Festival
May 15-17 Belleville, IL – Art on the Square
June 6-7 Arlington Heights, IL – Promenade of the Arts
June 26-28 Des Moines, IA – Arts Festival
July 15-18 Ann Arbor, MI – South University Art Fair
July 25-26 Denver, CO – Cheeseman Park Art Fair

March 2015
Recognition PhotoAt the highly ranked Gasparillo Art Festival in Tampa with 250 nationally selected artists I Knew there was no possibility of winning an award. So even though I was handed an invitation to the award ceremony, I skipped it the celebrate my birthday and a couple beers with my son at a bistro. Upon returning to the show the next morning I was astounded to have received 3 awards! They were given by 3 of the major show patrons who each selected my work as the pieces they wanted in their homes.
This was an honor which surpassed even my dreams.

January 2015
After another record breaking sales year, we are starting this spring with a bang! Our first 5 shows are all ranked in the top 30 shows in the nation.We have been working hard to create new trees for this challenge. Can’t wait to see you at a show!

2015 Spring Art Schedule

February 14-16 Ft Lauderdale, FL – Artigras Art Festival
February 21-22 Naples, FL – Naples International Art Fair
February 28-March 1 Tampa, FL – Gasparilla
March 27-29 Houston, TX – Houston Memorial Park – Art on Bayou
April 10-12 Chattanooga, TN – 4 Bridges Art Festival

November 2014
Winter-SpringAt his first showing at the acclaimed Pensacola Great Gulfcoast Art Festival, Wayne was given the Award of Merit in Sculpture

July 2014
Wayne was the featured artist and spokesman for the Talbot Street Art Fair in Indianapolis. His TV interview allowed him to speak of the motivation and joy an artist can find in his work.

May 2014
Powerline Tree“The Powerline Tree” is introduced. This tree speaks to the righteous indignation displayed by the arboreal creature who was thoughtlessly maligned by the tree trimmers in its youth for the sake of the utility company’s purposes. Though physically scarred its spirit lives on, and inspires us to do better in the future.

2014 Spring Schedule

Feb 15-17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Artigras

Feb 22-23 South Miami, FL – Rotary Art Festival

March 1-2 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Las Olas Art Festival

March 28-30 Houston, TX – Art on Bayou

Apr 11-13 Chattanooga, TN – 4 bridges Art Festival

Winter-SpringJanuary 2014
For his effervescent daughter’s upcoming wedding to her tall, quieter beaux, Wayne created Winter-Spring. In this piece, a stately pine overshadows and protects a dancing, sparkling Dogwood.

November 2013
Senator Lugar Wayne was commissioned to create a Lifetime Achievement Award for longtime US Senator Richard Lugar. He made a pair of Birches to symbolize the productive energy for our country’s good which was facilitated by the relationship of Senator Lugar with his wife.

August 2013
Won Best of Show Award at Park City Kimbal Art Show , a show ranked in the national top 10 art festivals . This unbelievable honor was his third Best of Show recognition for 2013! What a year of blessings!!

July 2013
Along with 150 artists at the nature themed art show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Wayne showed his trees and was awarded First Place in Sculpture. Placed next to an aspen grove his aspen sculptures were particularly “popular”.

June 2013
Wayne was honored to get the Best of Show award at the nationally ranked Talbot Street Art Show in Indianapolis. This was accompanied by a great interview by the local CBS station in which Wayne was able to talk about what it was like to be a show artist. Watch the video »

May 2013

PhotoAt the recent historic Artfest on Walnut Street in Springfield , Missouri I was very happy to receive the Best of Show in 3D Award. My assistants, Andrea and Hannah were very proud of our newest work with trees finishing.


May 4-5 Springfield, Mo - Artfest on Walnut St.

May 17-19 Belleville, IL Art on the Square

June 8-9 Indianapolis, IN Talbot Street Art Fair

June 3-16 Virginia Beach, VA Boardwalk Art Show

July 5-7 Chicago, IL – Botanic Garden

July 27-28 Aspen, CO – Downtown aspen Art Festival

Aug 2-4 Park City, UT - Park City Kimball Arts Festival

Aug 17-18 Lexington, KY - Woodlands Art Fair

October 2012Juror
It was a great honor for Wayne to be asked to judge metal sculpture at the # 1 ranked art show in the nation. The King James Art Festival in Louisville asked him to evaluate the work his peer artists.

“I was flabbergasted by the honor, but I did my best, and learned a lot about my own work.”

November 2011Halifaz Fine Arts Festival
At the Halifax Fine Arts Festival in Daytona Beach Wayne won first place in sculpture for the second year in a row. The one on the Way sculpture was purchased by a man with a smile as big as the artist’s.

The Spring schedule is posted and includes 5 shows which are ranked in the top 30 in the country. This years schedule will eventually include art shows in 10 States. We are very busy, and we love it!

Golden GinkgoCheck out our new Facebook page!
In this page we will try to keep you abreast of the latest trees, newest developments, upcoming shows, and an inside view of the business. We hope to include feedback from customers. Click "like it ‘ if you find it helpful.

Stay tuned for a new Golden Series which show trees presented with leaves of gold leaf to flash brilliantly in the light. See the example of the Golden Ginkgo. More trees are being developed.

Magazine coverOctober 2011
Wayne was selected to be featured in the cover story for Sunshine Artist Magazine, November edition. This is the #1 trade magazine in the nation and has 30,000 artist readers. Check it out!

"I was called by the editor of Sunshine Artist out of the blue, and asked to speak about my work for an hourlong interview. This 5 page cover story, pictorial article is a well written and accurate depiction of the motivation and joy I find in my work. It tells of an unexpected career and helps clarify why I feel so blest through my wife, family, and friends."

Wayne has 3 more great shows this year on his schedule! He was invited to show in the Festival of the Masters, a juried exposition where applicants need to have won a major award at a major art show just to be considered for acceptance.

June 2011Wayne in Chicago
Wayne hams it up in the Chicago skyline after taking the First Place Award for Sculpture at the Millennium Art Fair.

May 2011

Wayne Jesse's Stump

At the Barrington Fine Art Festival Wayne received a sculptural Award. He introduced , Jesse’s Stump, a new sculpture portraying hope, patience, and promises kept.

April 2011Andrea and Karen

We completed most of our Winter special large orders including this group of 6 foot trees shown here with my assistants, Andrea and Karen.

This has been a phenomenal year at shows for 2011, nearly selling out in Florida, Houston, and Kansas City. But we are working hard at rebuilding our stock, and have a great new selection to offer at our Spring/Summer shows (see Show Schedule). We have been invited to many top nationally ranked shows. We hope you can attend one of these great shows in your area, or just give a call with your needs.

February 2011
We have worked hard all winter. My Spring season starts out with a bang with shows in Florida, Houston, Michigan, and Kansas City.

My gallery has a great selection of new sculpture.

November 2010

Wayne and FamilyAt the Halifax Fine Art Show in Daytona Beach, Florida, Wayne was awarded the top award in Sculpture.His children, Rachael, Noah, and a friend helped celebrate afterwards.
The Big Hearted Oak
The Big Hearted Oak has become a very popular Signature tree. It show a tree enjoying its playful side after a lifetime of service.

July 2010

Wayne and Susan
Wayne out West

Wayne and Susan had great shows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Beaver Creek, Colorado. His sculptures will be seen there in extraordinary nature galleries there amidst first class fossil and mineral displays. (See

Between these two art shows they climbed the peaks of three mountains and returned to base camp tired, but with packs filled with beautiful rocks for future trees.

June 2010
Chicago Eastside Millenium Art FairAt the Chicago Eastside Millenium Art Fair on Michigan Avenue near "The Bean," Wayne was honored with the First Place Award for Sculpture.

April 2010
SedonaDuring this spring’s Artist in Residence in Sedona, we hiked Red Rock country. Our friend , Brad accompanied us on a particularly spectacular climb to the summit of Cathedral Rock.

The Helping Hand

The trail was steep with the need to find hand holds and creases in the rock face to proceed. It was there that we met a necessary creature, an old conifer, along the route. I reached up to its extended limb, and found the bark worn smooth from the grip of countless trekkers.. This experience inspired my newest Signature tree sculpture, the Helping Hand.

Heart on Fire
Introducing a new sculpture, called Heart on Fire.
“In this smaller piece of sculpture I wish to show an individual aflame with passion, overflowing with desire to tell the world of the joy and love it has been granted. Though blazing brightly, it holds tightly to the rock, andis never consumed.”

February 2010
Tim BradfordPurchase Award by Walt Disney Corporation – Wayne Trinklein was selected to show at December 2010 Downtown Disney’s Salute to the Masters.

At that show he was chosen for Disney’s Purchase Award to be displayed in the headquarters building. Disney Vice President Tim Bradford personally picked the adventurous and playful Cedar by Water’s Edge.

October 2009

Wayne won First Place in Sculpture at the Cedarhurst Art Fair in Mt Vernon, Illinois. This was followed by a commission by the Good Samaritan Regional Health Center for a group of trees to honor the Directors and Board of Trustees.

Wayne Trinklein Edens Theological Seminary commissioned a processional cross consisting of a “Tree of Life” crucifix mounted on an orb of cherry wood to be used in the student chapel. A dedication ceremony will be held at the Edens Chapel on November 2nd. Post picture of cross.

A new sculpture, the “Impossible Dream“, is introduced on site. It was inspired by the untimely death of a family member. A Live Oak tree, with limbs reaching to improbable lengths, honors the life of a dreamer who didn’t seem to accept the limitations of life.

Wayne will be showing at the Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on November 13th through 15th. This exclusive show should be very good. Just to apply to be juried into the show, the applicants must have won a major award at a major art show last year.

If you are in Chicago December 3-6, Wayne will have a complete showing of his Signature Trees at the One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart.

Wayne TrinkleinJune 2009
Wayne received the Award of Merit for Scuplture at the Arlington Heights Promenade of the ArtsMay 2009

May 2009
Wayne Trinklein was the featured artist at Belleville Art on the Square, the consistently top ranked fine art show in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine. A wonderful 2 page article about him and his work was published in the newspaper. Click here to download a PDF of the article.

April 2009
Wayne was the featured artist in Cityscapes Magazine. The influence of his family in his tree characters was highlighted. Download the article.

March 2009
Wayne was the featured speaker at the unveiling of his sculpture for the City of St Charles Bicentennial Year. The sculpture named "Heart on the River" stands over 8 feet tall on its walnut pedestal, and features three trees at a river’s edge. It is on permanent display at St Charles City Hall.

Bicentennial  Gala event at the Foundry Wayne Trinklein Speaking Artist with Sculptures

December 2008 – Six major awards for 2008!

First place in Sculpture – Arlington Heights Promenade of the Arts
Buyers Club Award – Leesburg, Florida Fine Art Festival
First Place in Sculpture - Midwest Salute to the Arts
Best of Show - Springfield Artfest on Walnut Street
Best of Show – Cedarhurst Art Festival
Purchase Award for Sculpture for permanent exhibit in Cedarhurst Art Museum in Mt. Vernon, Illinois

A new tree has recently been added to the Signature Series line, the Languid Lover. This tree depicts the easygoing days of summer. It and several others from the series can be viewed in a lovely fine art gallery in historic Long Grove, Illinois at the Woodland Grove Gallery.

Trinklein recently received a Merit Award for Sculpture at the highly acclaimed Arlington Heights Fine Arts Festival in Chicago.